You will need: pins + sneakers/shoes... 1. Add around forty pins in each sneaker/shoe... 2. Place your barefeet in the sneaker - keep the shoe flat; so all the pins don't go to the bottom 3. Run for as far as you can go!

JDares47 dares Everyone 

I dare you to take your, or a friend's favorite pair of sneakers, empty a full tube of superhlue into each shoe, then put them on! If you used a friend's shoes, trick them into wearing the glue filled shoes!

UBCS_Agent dares potheadtodare 

To walk through mud in his favorite sneakers with the laces untied.

DebKedsSize8 dares marvingit 

Reenact the all too famous "you can't spit shine velcro sneakers!" video with a friend. Preferably somewhere in public, like the subway. I would say bus, but that'd be a bit dangerous...In case you have NO idea wtf I'm talking about, here are the two videos. The original, and its...

yap2 dares Everyone 
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