Tie string or cord around ball sack in elaborate ways, take a pic and post on here

TorcoJack dares Everyone 

tie up ur balls with a string, then tie the other end to a water bottle and toss it

neonbrilliance dares Everyone 

all of u tie a water bottle around ur nuts. Use a dice or spinner with each of u represented by a number etc. The loser of each spin has to toss their water bottle.

neonbrilliance dares BYBH_stunt_krew 

tie your nuts to a water bottle or other similar object, then race to see who can move the fastest with somthing tuggin

neonbrilliance dares Everyone 

Hi Everyone ^^ Ok :) The dare it's to S up with hands tied behind your back with duct tape and your legs. For example (: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bf-UDdvCMc ps: you untie after stand up ;) accept this dare ? :)

TheManyOf dares Everyone 

I dare, nay, challenge everyone to go out into a public place, such as a store, with at least one shoelace untied. Find another person with a shoelace untied, and bend down to tie yours, but 'accidentally' tie your shoe to the other persons. Then wait til they...

UBCS_Agent dares Everyone 

get a friend to tie you to a tree somewhere wearing only leaves to cover yourself .your friend must only release you if you cant get out in 15 minutes

kh2094 dares Everyone 
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