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build a snow penis.

by hurlex112 91 months ago

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so i was watchin on the news how some guy in cleveland had to knock down the huge snow dick he made cuz a neighbor complained.. how akward for a cop to say sir please put ur penis away

91 months ago
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91 months ago
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Thats dirty

91 months ago
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If by dirty you mean, absolutely incredible, the yes I agree with you

91 months ago
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At first I was wondering why the mods were laggin on adding the +18 overlay on said cock. Then I lold. Then I got hungry.

91 months ago
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niiice :D

91 months ago
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91 months ago
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91 months ago
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It looks so ...... real! lol

91 months ago
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Ha!! Fuckin awesome.

91 months ago

More about build a snow penis.

Preferably a vid - perhaps time lapse? I guess a pic would work too, as long as you're in it. Make it big, cos chicks like em huge.

What hurlex112 had to say

We modeled it after my own. We had to make it a little smaller than actual size due to lack of snow.

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