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buy and break

by BFlazz 102 months ago

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EHHHH I def. give ya credit for pulling this one off!

89 months ago
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"i thought it was double-wrapped" haha nice
102 months ago
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the best thing to say here is: "good hustle"
102 months ago
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aahah I love how in the background of the second attempt you can hear someone say "that would of sucked"
102 months ago
tonymalmgren's Avatar
102 months ago
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Worst 2 day experience doing a dare ever lol
102 months ago

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Go into a store (preferably a small store like an antique shop) and purchase an item. Immediately after purchasing BREAK IT! Make sure you get the reactions on film! Best video wins a Heavy T-shirt...

What BFlazz had to say

I hated everything about this. EVERYTHING

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