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by t__hiroto 68 months ago

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Create a video for MTV's Made show! Create your own episode of made starring yourself and pick what you wanna be made into! Be creative and have fun!

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Enjoy mY Underground Psychedelic Experimental Hyped & Wicked Techno Sounds.
" 30th century techno sounds "
cOLLApsE Of synApsE.
I'm a LUnAtIc rOAch.
I'm A LUnAtIc Genius.
Verify me.

Composing stuffs :

*Roland Cakewalk Sonar8.5
*Roland Cakewalk AudioCreator1.5
*♪Rip!AudiCO FREE

full length sounds available
Keywords :
underground, techno, experimental, industrial, Detroit, hardcore, progressive, goa, psychedelic, psychic, trance, ambient, electro, electronic, electronica, queer, insane, weird, weirdo, wicked, hyped, surreal, lunatic, crazy, sick, panic, manic, intricate, anomaly, abstract, spooky, wacky, trippy, space, spacey, cosmic, noise, noisy, Japan, Japanese




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