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put as many marshmallows in your mouth as you can

by Troy 104 months ago
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funny stuff made me lol

90 months ago
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100 months ago
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102 months ago
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doesnnt that hurt ?
103 months ago
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That or the clear up and down action of your JAW.
104 months ago
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might also look like im chewing because it's fast forwarded
104 months ago
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Burnnnned, kid chewed.
104 months ago
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I did NOT chew ANY. I was moving them around if i chewed them i could fit a lot more than I did.
104 months ago
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you were chewing them though when you put them in
104 months ago
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13 marshmallows
104 months ago

More about put as many marshmallows in your mouth as you can

Simple and classic challenge. If one marshmallow falls out its over, you can try to use your fingers to keep it in as much as you can (that's what she said)

What Troy had to say

It wasnt as much as I hoped to get but still it was a valiant effort.

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