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Sing in Front of a Large Crowd and Get Applause

by BFlazz 100 months ago
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Oh how far we've come

76 months ago
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wow you can sing

86 months ago
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Good show
96 months ago
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Why has no one else done this lol. This is so good
98 months ago
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very nice lol
99 months ago
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such beauty..... such.... man power..... i think im in love
100 months ago
hurlex112's Avatar
That guy was just mad because he doesn't have your angelic voice
100 months ago

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Doesn't matter where, the weirder the better, but sing in front of a large group of strangers in a strange place. If you don't get applause, try again.

What BFlazz had to say

I was serenading the crowd in the middle of the mall when the mall security guard yelled at me to stop. As I was leaving a few people yelled for an encore.

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