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Digital Painting / Drawing

by Moonfire 93 months ago

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props on painting with a mouse but the time lapse would have been easier with a screen recorder lol

93 months ago
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yeah...it would have lol but i lack such modern wonders lmao - so i did it the best i could :P

93 months ago
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mr potter

93 months ago
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lol of course :) glad you could tell how it was... or did you cheat and look at the tags? :P

93 months ago
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also it's hard to read but the two comments i make in the vid about the glasses read - (1) as close as it's going to get... lmao & (2) you didn't get to see them all, but i tried to get them even about 20 times now! ugh..

93 months ago
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i really did love doing this dare though!! ^_^

93 months ago

More about digital painting / drawing

Get on any electronic device you can draw on and do some art. Ex: Photoshop, MS Paint, or even your phone if it will do it. Try to show the steps if you can maybe...

What Moonfire had to say

this took a while lol - did it in paint first off - there's a time killer in it's self :p then add in that i don't have a tablet and was doing it "the old fashion way" via mouse XD also keep in mindi had to "print screen"& save each step you see and then splice it all together in movie maker.. wow what i don't do for a dare! :D




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