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do a nasty beatbox with household items

by hurlex112 104 months ago
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Thanks Mihai, glad to know who my real friends are
103 months ago
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This is pretty damn good. I like the spray in your face part : P
103 months ago
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I hate this so much I would eat a child so I never had to hear this again. How the fuck could that be considered a beat for any type of music!? What the hell is wrong with you pat. I don't even know you anymore. I want you to die kinda. Maybe in a big cuckah poopoo mess.
104 months ago
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You're my friend and all but after seeing this video i'm beginning to doubt our friendship. I'm sorry im going to have to delete you from my friends list that's on my MAD friends list
104 months ago

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A little something I put together for the kids at home

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