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Post a picture with you and a celebrity

by Troy 98 months ago
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I seen this somewhere before Troy did u real meet Mr Sandler? hes a superab actor

96 months ago
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hmm If u look at this picture and this one, theres some similarities. kinda creepy. http://www.bragster.com/brags/352123-mrkewl-and-adam-sandler

97 months ago
Fallnangel7's Avatar

the bragster on is a shop! u can tell!

97 months ago
Troy's Avatar

wow... really? I added this picture on facebook November 28, 2009...
Funny thing is, if you look on that picture between adam sandler and that guy you can still see my shirt..
Sweet photoshop job lol call him out on it.

97 months ago
Fallnangel7's Avatar

lol troy! he left bragster or we would call him out! lol

97 months ago
hurlex112's Avatar

I love the comments on the fake one lol. People really think he was there. I know the truth Troy lol

97 months ago
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97 months ago
DoubleOAwesome's Avatar

yea but hes still on MaD. right?

97 months ago
marvingit's Avatar

yeah matty is floating around!

97 months ago
DoubleOAwesome's Avatar

lol well troy can call him out on it now.

97 months ago
Mastuda5555's Avatar

Awesome I love his movies so much that me and a friend had a marathon once of all his movies we owned watching them one right after the other.

97 months ago
ohai_itscheyenne's Avatar

i'm jealous!

98 months ago

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Ever meet a celebrity and make them take a pic with you? Or just be creative and Photoshop it...

What Troy had to say

Adam Sandler and I hang out whatever, no big deal. (I was choosing between this and Don King.. and I figured more of you would know who Adam Sandler was)

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