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put on as many t-shirts as possible!

by hypergorilla 97 months ago
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That's awesome, lol! You looked like you were wearing a fatsuit!

97 months ago
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Nice entry. I was so afraid they were just thinking I was gonna put a bunch on, and just bolt out the store or something XD "Mr. Cash line one!" They were really eyeing me down at the start, then at around 30 the guy broke the ice....and we told him we were gonna put em' all back when we were done. He asked to take my picture when we were taking them off. (I bet for the security office) lol

97 months ago
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yeah, we got the evil eye for a bit then it was just kinda like "take em off" so i did, and left em in a pile cause they wouldnt let me continue

97 months ago
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I can kind of understand where they're coming from, because they were new shirts and all....but if they couldn't find the humor in it, and said "take em off", then a pile-o-t's is what they deserved ;)

97 months ago
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gah! i put up the wrong cut. meant to have a soundtrack to this

97 months ago
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want me to erase so you can reupload?

97 months ago
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nah its fine. we shall learn to enjoy this one in it's more pure state

97 months ago
17 shirts

More about put on as many t-shirts as possible!

Just like the challenge says the contest is to put on as many t-shirts as possible! Nice and simple challenge for all of you guys with prizes for the winners. 1st Place - 3 T-Shirts...

What hypergorilla had to say

I knew I wasn't going to beat MocaShake, nor did I want to try really, so I went for something a little different. I think I got about 17 shirts total. Anyway, I apologize for the length of the video; I would have sped it up, but with all the shaky movements, it would have been nauseating.

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