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rock, paper, scissors. RAT TRAP.

by carlisle 94 months ago
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94 months ago
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!I'm not gunna edit... I want everyone to see how much of a woman you are!" PMSL... love the suspense

94 months ago
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LOL. If calicab and sikangel can do it, you can do it.....i screamed like a bitch, which everyone saw.....
Oh, and I hesitated much....much longer the first time then your brother did.

That was a dirty trick though, throwing his hand into it. Ass.

94 months ago
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cool lol i still think he needed that litle push to get him started

94 months ago
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And during his said hesitation.......I was VERY tempted to slam his hand in there for him.

94 months ago

More about rock, paper, scissors. rat trap.

So we have this Rat Trap from Carlise, and neither of use has used it.....so....I say we do it Bonnie & Clyde style. Play me in Rock, Paper, Scissors....3 times. Each time the loser has...

What carlisle had to say

lol i win hahahahah 1 to 4 ace




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