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Say Goodbye

by tatichampBG 98 months ago

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sweet and sad

98 months ago
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<3 sweet

98 months ago
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98 months ago

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If you never got to say goodbye to a loved one (friend, family member...), here's your chance. Tell them how you feel, how mad and sad you are, whatever you want to. They don't have...

What tatichampBG had to say

today your heart stop forever ,and i know how much you were afraid of this moment ...
the last 2 and a half years i was your aid and your child ,we had a great time and hard moments base on your
You were blind and never sow my face but you always cold me my beautiful and strong child ...you are the only man who find my real beauty ...my soul
Rest in Peace Charles,i know there will be no pain ,and i am sorry i don't stay till your last day ....

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