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Scare your pet

by Booger 103 months ago

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Beautiful dogs!

93 months ago
mihai's Avatar
The dogs were just scared of the pink costume
103 months ago
Icachowda's Avatar
haha nice, ima try and get my dog while she sleeps, same concept youre doing though
103 months ago
Booger's Avatar
I was in character as you see so I was less scared.
103 months ago
GuiltyAsCharged's Avatar
Not easy? It looked like you were having a blast doing it.
103 months ago

More about scare your pet

Any domestic animal you own, scare it.

What Booger had to say

This is how you scare two rottweilers. For those of you that know my background I was bit by a pit bull last year and got ten stitches in my face. So this is not easy for me to do.




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