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screen cap something funny on Chatroulette

by Troy 99 months ago
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86 months ago
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wow that all i got to say

93 months ago
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hahahahahahahah omfg the faces are epic!!!!!

93 months ago
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Where is your left hand, and what is it doing?

I kid, I kid. :3

94 months ago
ShoutAtJordie's Avatar

that is awesome! hahaha

94 months ago
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There's nowt wrong with a man wearing a bra.

Good grief.

96 months ago
Mastuda5555's Avatar

.!? slighty disturbing

97 months ago
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Haha I see b-cups are making a comeback with guys XD

98 months ago
DarkCC's Avatar

good im pretty sure thats gotta be his daugters or summin... thats nuts "Dad what you.. OMG MY BRA!! KEEP IT!"

93 months ago
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Honestly this is just so great...

98 months ago
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Now this is on break.com, except not your picture : /
(I like it like this)
98 months ago
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99 months ago
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hahhahaaaahhaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! a match made in heaven!! xD
99 months ago
Troy's Avatar
Who says you cant meet your soulmate on chat roulette?
99 months ago
catraiin's Avatar
Now that's drop dead gorgeous.
99 months ago
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99 months ago

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What Troy had to say

Well this was interesting.. not everyday you see something like this.

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