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show a picture you took with an orb in it!

by calicab 91 months ago
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cool its a good size orb

91 months ago
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91 months ago
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you stfu.

91 months ago
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When I was younger i used to go to this "haunted" place on Long island that was an abandon psychiatric ward. Check it out: http://www.opacity.us/site3_kings_park_psychiatric_center.htm

91 months ago
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Yet another reason to go to NY.

91 months ago
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is ma we have the danvers insane asylum and the lad school....and a bunch more we even have a dead town....its pretty dope

91 months ago
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A "dead town" wow I'd love to go there!

91 months ago
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Once it starts to warm up a bit here I'll be doing some exploring of the old Ghost Towns here, AZ is full o them.

91 months ago
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Wow! I never realised how many people actually get pics of orbs. That place must be full of them!

91 months ago

More about show a picture you took with an orb in it!

Self explanatory!

What calicab had to say

Right, so, Sik and I like to think we're ghost hunters and we'll go to abandoned places pretty often to look around and see what's up.

There's an abandoned mini-golf course where we lived and one day we decided to poke around - here's some pics from the experience.

My lens was clean, there wasn't any wind or anything like that, and these orbs happened pretty much right in front of our eyes.
I was taking pics just for the fuck of it (my youtube is full of random shit) and i'd point and click and boom, or, point and click, boom, another one.

Pretty fucking cool if you ask me.

For anyone interested there's video and whatnot of the location on my YT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2lQtNfJEd4

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