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Show us your best drawing

by krissyramen 101 months ago

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ThENuTTeRsArMy's Avatar

thats amazing :D

90 months ago
Mastuda5555's Avatar

very nice obvious talent u should definately keep drawing

100 months ago
strawberrylove22's Avatar

very nice drawing =)

100 months ago
krissyramen's Avatar

troy shut up. xD the ONE thing i drew thats emo. ;-; it was for art class theres another part to it.

101 months ago
GuiltyAsCharged's Avatar

Be nice Troy.

101 months ago
Troy's Avatar

slightly emo

101 months ago
krissyramen's Avatar

Thank you. I worked really hard on this. =D

101 months ago
NotTroy's Avatar

Very well done

101 months ago

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Crack out those old sketch books and show us your greatest drawing

What krissyramen had to say

My art project. I have to draw one thing extremely depressed, then someone extremely happy. =D so I have to get on the happy part. w00t.




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