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Show your nerdy side!

by Troy 92 months ago

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pfft.....u think thats embarrassing....

90 months ago
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top box was all black lotus's and the bottom box as all saved fake doctors notes to get out of gym class

92 months ago
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If by 'used to' don't you mean last week?

92 months ago
MarioGotSkillz's Avatar

big big nerd <3 haha

92 months ago
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More exciting pic: http://i.imgur.com/beWZI.jpg

92 months ago

More about show your nerdy side!

show us why your a nerd!! could be a weird collection, a crazy hobbie, book smarts, anything!!!

What Troy had to say

I used to collect magic cards when I was younger.. I mostly just liked the pictures. I think before this Brett was the only one who knew.

Kind of embarrassed about this one but oh well!

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