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Sing/Dance to "What What, In The Butt"

by Wizard 97 months ago
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87 months ago
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94 months ago
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ahahahahah slim u crazy

97 months ago
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I'd never seen the original vid, just the dub.

97 months ago
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i youutubed it after seeing it on south park and there is a real music video its some scary shit

97 months ago
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No, I mean i've seen the original vid, and the South Park thing.
I'd never seen THIS particular video, just the dub that Baboon did.

97 months ago
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97 months ago
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lol,pure star

97 months ago
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97 months ago

More about sing/dance to "what what, in the butt"

I'm sure most of you have seen or heard this song on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbGkxcY7YFU You can sing it or just lip sync it and make sure you do the "what what, in the...

What Wizard had to say

BaboonSkwad dares Everyone to Sing/Dance to "What What, In The Butt".This is Wizard dancing and singing to "What What,in The Butt"

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