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sing me a lullabye

by goodyuk 99 months ago

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i didnt know u song such things goody,wow u have some awesome talent there m8 ^_^

98 months ago
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Thanks dude! LOL I wrote the lullabye and then crucified it with my singing! LOL

98 months ago
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Hahaha yes this incredible/funny to the max!

99 months ago
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Thanks dude, appreciated! xD

99 months ago
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I'll be sleeping good tonight!

99 months ago
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lol, thanks.... more like nightmares!

99 months ago
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dude that was awesome. I wish there was a fave feature cuz that would be in my fave list :D

99 months ago
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Nice man!

99 months ago
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ha ha, I cant sing, but it' the effort that counts!

99 months ago
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99 months ago
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99 months ago
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fuking ace dude! if there was a fav button i wud hit it on this 1 man!! :D

99 months ago
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Thanks dude, glad U liked.... ha ha

99 months ago
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Hush make-a-darers please don’t cry
Goody’s gunna sing you a lullaby
Upload to the site to get street cred
You will have real fun now let it be said,
And if your stuff’s good you will get the hype
And if your stuff’s bad people will think it’s tripe
Set good dares and your karma will rise
Dare karma takes ur hyping power through the skies
So give it a go and get off ur ass
Because the make-a-dare site IS pure class!

Lyrics by my own fair hand.... so extra cred for that surely!!!!! LOL

99 months ago

More about sing me a lullabye

Can be one we all know or you can make one up. Obv the best one will get the most cred! :-)

What goodyuk had to say

Yes... I know... I can't sing... but I put my heart and soul into making original lyrics! xD

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