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Sport a Hand Bra

by Jack_Rabbit_Slim 96 months ago

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i am not a whore. lol.

96 months ago
goodyuk's Avatar

Omg! Ive got some gloves like that!

(And my moobs are to be reackoned with too!)

96 months ago
Wuzzgoof's Avatar

what gloves?

96 months ago
Darkchamber's Avatar

OMG! fuck the gloves! Do you see that lovely towel?! Periwinkle right?

96 months ago
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96 months ago
yap2's Avatar

I like your gloves.

96 months ago
reapx's Avatar

nice gloves

96 months ago

More about sport a hand bra

This one is for the ladies, so listen closely... cover your breastsicles with your hands, so that they represent a bra. write CrazyRetard on there too somewhere.... because, y'know...you're Awesome. peace sistahz, x.

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