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upload a baby picture

by Troy 99 months ago

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85 months ago
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wow thats little troy awww ^_^

96 months ago
goodyuk's Avatar

Oh.... dude..... I didnt realise you was GINGER!


99 months ago
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I had brown hair..

99 months ago
MM_Is_The_Freak's Avatar

Dude! You look like Max from Liar Liar! (the little kid obv)

99 months ago
Troy's Avatar

hahhaa slightly

99 months ago
nightman_cometh's Avatar

THE BOWL CUT. you and brett had matching one's except your's is very gingerly

99 months ago
BaboonSkwad's Avatar

LOL the good ol' mushroom cut. I shouldn't be laughing, I had the same haircut too when I was that age...

99 months ago

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Upload a picture of yourself from when you were a baby.

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It was all downhill from there..

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