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upload a bad picture of yourself

by Shourin 95 months ago

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lalak yuumey street creed

82 months ago
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I forget when this pic was taken but I remember why. This is what I looked like after by brother/friends some how got in my room w/o my mom / dad knowing and ambushed me with my own super soakers. How can you not see someone carrying a huge water gun down the stairs when the TV your watching was next the front door they used to exit the house.

85 months ago
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love this pic!

89 months ago
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94 months ago
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OMG! Your feet look really small and thin! LOL

94 months ago
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omg your right http://myfacewhen.com/374/

94 months ago
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94 months ago

More about upload a bad picture of yourself

The good picture one was alright, but I think this will produce more interesting results.

What Shourin had to say

Not easy to find a bad picture... I normally delete those. But i found 1 i missed.




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