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upload youre most painful looking photo

by Blablokblah 99 months ago
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scary you scary the shit out of me

94 months ago
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Is that for real?

95 months ago
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How'd it happen?

98 months ago
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98 months ago
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My wife did that to him... poor guy.

99 months ago
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99 months ago
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99 months ago
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Yeah....is that real? If so....goddamn. Almost forgot once upon a manny moons ago, my face looked alittle like that after rolling a Suzuki Sidekick about 8 times, went into work the next day, (halloween) and they thought it was a joke. XD No! It was real :\

98 months ago
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omg.. i cried a little when i saw this

99 months ago
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Backstory? :)

99 months ago

More about upload youre most painful looking photo

find a photo of you with a gnarly scar and post it!

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